November 10, 2013

Outfit Ideas from Brandy Melville II

Outfit Ideas from Brandy Melville II
What can you say about Brandy Melville? I say, this shop has my style. It's my taste of Fashion. Making this collage is so inspiring to continue creating fashion. Isn't it amazing?

My style tips today will be very simple, "Keep it Sassy Simple". Since Brandy Melville is a sassy store, the outfits are for sweet moods of sweet girls. To create a sassy style, choose what more girls love like light colors, shorts and skirts. In these outfits, there are cardigans and denim jackets with a different style. I told you yesterday that you'll be needing jackets since it's getting cold outside. But no worries, because jackets can add glamorous impression to your outfit and you'll be extra comfortable. Just have fun dressing up and mind the things around you. Trust your instincts because I know girls are born with the art of fashion.

Have your own suggestions or style collages? Feel free to share it with me and I may feature it on my blog with credits. Have a good day!

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