September 22, 2013

My Rainy Day Homie

My Rainy Day Homie

It's rainy outside and there's nothing you can do but stay at home and comfort yourself. It's cold and chilly since it's -BER month already. Here in the Philippines, rain and wind visits each town everyday and everyone can feel the cold breeze. Because I want you all to be comfortable, I'll be doing special features for rainy day. 

I believe that this outfit is comfortable to use when you ever feel chilly. These pieces comforts you even when you're at home. The Lazy Pants seems adorable and relaxing since it's not too fit and too tight. The Over sized Sweaters is kinda my thing for rainy season because you can move around and still cozy in my body but any sweaters will do. The adorable slippers are the probably the cutest slip-on I've ever seen. It will cheer you up in this lazy day. The beanie will also help you feel cozy. You don't want to feel chilly even on your head, do you? 

During the rainy season, always mind your safety and where you feel comfortable. 

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