Hey ya'll! I am so glad that I finally have my first Fashion Blog. You readers are my inspiration for pursuing my blog. I hope you have fun reading my blog but at some point there are some do's and don'ts.

1. Appreciate this blog and share it to everyone. Spread the word.
2. Participate in giveaways, polls, surveys and the special features like Shoutouts etc.
3. Send feedback about this blog. Only good comments will be published.
4. Follow me and Subscribe to this blog. You may also join the "Style the Fashionista" group of this blog.
5. View links and visit online stores posted in the blog.

1, Don't publish any bad feedback and comments.
2. Never Spam or Block me or this blog.
3. Don't apply for a group if you don't have moral values.
4. Never rearrange settings to this blog.
5. Never post unpleasant videos, photos etc. We avoid pornography.

That's it. There are only few policies and I trust you all, my STF readers.

P.S. Here are some of the other activities that I permanently hold:

To all my fellow BLOGGERS,
If you want to send your banner or logo to me for advertising and promotions, you can simply email me the requirements needed details including the site, owner, banner or logo with its size and numbers of months of advertising. The only RULE that I have for the agreement is to be fair. You also have to put my banner or logo in your blog with the same length and time of yours in my blog. If we make a deal, contact me now for confirmation and messages.

Advertise Your Shop
Whether it is an online shop or any kind of store, you can advertise it to my blog. Simply, contact me with the important information. I'll be happy to serve you.

Check Out Videos
It's pretty obvious that watching youtube channel's like MacBabrie07, Stilababe09 etc. so I would love to know your recommendations and suggestions of videos that I would be featured in this blog.
Beauty, Fashion and DIY videos are found at the category "Pretty Videos" while the music videos are located at the "Music To My Ears' label.

*Disclaimer: All my clothes, books, things etc. are purchased by me except if I mentioned on the post that it was sponsored. The opinions on my blog posts are all mine! I also mention someone's video if I upload it on my blog so you may see the original uploader.
Have fun :)

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