August 28, 2013

Too Cool for School

Too Cool for School

I know everybody's looking for some ideas for the coming Back To School for some countries like Canada, America etc. but here in the Philippines, school has started already last June but some girls, like me, still want new inspiration. So, I made this set for you all tween and teen girls! 
*Stay tuned for more School Styling Tips

Let's start with the sleeveless top. Besides the quote that's inspiring, it also looks comfortable and stylish. Pair it up with the plaid skirt because it usually represents schools, right? But in this case, it's chic. Now, I added the vest because I think the outfit is also stable with the green vest but if you don't like wearing it, you the outfit isn't really that demolished. The shoes! Oh my, I discovered this Peppered Studded Military Boots and I was like "okay, it's cool for the outfit" and it turned put pretty well.
Don't forget the charm bracelet. It's colorful and it brings color to your day. You may use your DIY bracelets or your Friendship Bracelet.

Here also, I present you some supplies. I also found this cute Paris stationary. Shrpie is my new favorite thing! I'm starting to collect those. The iPhone Case is girly but it does the trick. Last but not the least, the Backpack! The backpack matches the color theme and I think it occupies enough space for all your stuffs.

How are you in school so far? Hope you're having lots and lots of fun! Keep enjoying and keep learning!


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