November 17, 2013

Christmas Roomspiration from Bethany Mota

It's almost Christmas! Who's excited for the Holidays? I can feel the Christmas Spirit here in the Philippines and I hope you can too. I'm just freaking happy that December is near! There're lots of plans and activities that are scheduled for me next month and of coarse one of it is to decorate my room, our house and even our classroom! I found this video from my favorite youtuber Bethany Mota and I found more inspirations in decoration for Christmas. I want to share to you all this one and please give this a thumbs up Here and subscribe to her channel.

If you're a fan, comment below and let's have a chat about how exciting it is for The Bethany Mota Collection on Aeropostale. More Christmas posts soon so stay tuned. #DeckTheHallsWithBeth

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