November 15, 2013

Outfit Ideas from Forever 21

Outfit Ideas from Forever 21 I

I know almost every girl would understand me if I say "I want F21 to be closet!". Some of you might love this store as much as I do. I love F21 because it has every mood that a girl thinks of everyday and it's not too hard to mix and match some of their pieces. The clothes are comfortable to use but still stylish. Today, I want to share you some of my pretty pickings from Forever 21.

Starting with the fit and flare dress. I love the pattern and I think it's fun to wear. The color and the structure is fine.

The Forever 21 mini skirt is amazing! I love the leather skirt and the fantastic detail on it or I say it's beautifully made also.

The third look is more of a casual look since it features jeans. I love the fact that it's not too plain but not over crowded. It's perfect for an active day or hectic day.

The graphic t-shirt is so adorable! I love 'the wild' and the nerdy glasses of the cat is cute! Even though it's cute, you can still wear it sassy fierce.

Last but not the least is the long sleeve sweater. Beautiful and fitted for the season. The whole outfit is cool. The sweater, the plaid skirt and the hat is an unusual combination but you can always set up the trend and thanks to Forever 21, you have a new idea!

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