August 30, 2013

Weekend Chic

Weekend Chic

Yay! It's Friday and it's WEEKEND! I'm always looking for these days because finally, I can relax and chill and do things that I wished! I'm free to do anything, besides all my works at school. 

Being stylish in school means being more stylish on the weekends! I love matching more clothes every weekend because all the activities I do are really fun. I still depend them on my mood and I'm feeling excited. In choosing the right outfit to wear on Saturdays or any weekend days, you should think of your main needs and the pieces that will express your happy thought. If you're gonna be energized, wear shorts or whatever just trust your instincts because you're the only one who could fix the right outfit. Just keep simple and be happy.

I'm having a cool weekend and I hope you gals too! Remember, you have to Look Good and Feel Good. Keep safe and try to blend in! 


  1. Cute top! I love the color ♥ Anyhoo~ I'd like to follow you on GFC but I cannot find the button to do so. Please tell me where I can find it :<

    1. Thanks for the appreciation! Anyways, I fixed it for you!

      Keep spreading the Love!

  2. Yay! Thank you so much. I am now following you on GFC :) Please follow me as well ♥


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