August 27, 2013

Studded Day

Studds are SuperB

I've been seeking fashion trends lately and it literally became my hobby. I guess it's not a bad thing. I also enjoy making these cool sets because I get to share all my ideas about a trend or a theme for the day and I hope you get some inspiration.

Anyways, I've chosen the theme "Studds" because I see a lot of those in the industry and why not create a set about it. Let's start with the studded ombre shorts which I found it very cool and sophisticated. I don't want this outfit to be all black so I decided violet will do. The tank top was simple but stylish. I really like simple things because I think it makes everything beautiful. I paired this outfit with the buckle strap boots which is also studded and with matching the studded black jet jewelry.

I found this outfit fierce.

What can you say? Let me hear your comment and if you had wore an outfit like this, tweet me with the hashtag #StuddedDay. Have a Super Day!!!

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