August 28, 2013

School's Favorite Girl

School's Favorite Girl

I'm loving school outfit ideas! Even though school started here, I still want to make more sets for school. Because of that , I'm gonna make a new collection for my polyvore (Are you ready to see it?) 

The pink dress is so wonderful! I just discovered it and said "Okay, it will do!" and I know it's really sassy for school. The ballet flats mattered for the dress and it's comfortable to wear on school grounds. Bracelet bangles are full of admiration and this black bangle with pink hearts is wonderful. 

Don't be afraid of  school. You know you'll learn more if you're having fun and it's good to be with your schoolmates. If you have bullies, stand up for them and think no more about them but your friends. Always try to be independent and proud. Feel cool and look stylish even in school! If you boost you're confidence, the better you'll learn in school and in life. 

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