November 9, 2013

Outfit Ideas from Brandy Melville I

Outfit Ideas from Brandy Melville I
It's time for another Style Tips from Ana! Today, I want to give you all some outfit ideas with the clothes and pieces of Brandy Melville. Looking through their website was really amazing! Even if there's no Brandy Melville stores here in the Philippines, I found it stylish to wear and every girly girl will appreciate their lines. So, here's some of my favorite looks by Brandy Melville.

1. Because it's stormy already and it's getting cold outside, you need to prepare your jackets and cardigans. Isn't the knit jacket cute? The loose top and shorts matched the cardigan appropriately. If you'll wear anything with pastel colors, I prefer wear light colors throughout the whole outfit. Don't use dark colors since the light colors will be left behind. Balance your outfit. 

2. Skirts are so in! This frilly skirt is amazing and it was amazingly paired with the cropped top. If you used printed skirts, don't use printed top because it may not look fresh if you're walking on the street. Keep if fabulously simple.

3. Skater skirt + Cropped top = Perfection. This kind of outfit is in the trend. It's cool to wear this one since it's young. As I've observed cropped tops are often paired with skirts and I agree. I don't think it looks proportion if cropped tees are matched with pants. But for shorts or even maxi skirts, I can say 'yes'. Always wear clothes based on your body and your instincts (I find it helpful tho).

4. How I love the dress! The back is beautifully cut and the color and prints are sooo me! I love wearing this kind of outfit. My fashion style is sweet and sassy. So if you're a girly girl like me, we share the same thoughts. If you're wearing this, I prefer add bracelets but it's okay if you don't wear necklaces. It will work.

5. The fifth outfit is comfortable to wear. Wearing this kind of outfit is like adding all the tips from te first 4. I believe in this kind of outfit, you're free to wear what you like but don't wear too much. Keep it balanced and simple.
Which one is your favorite?

Outfit Ideas from Brandy Melville I by anaazarcon featuring loose tops

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