November 8, 2013

Teens on Wattpad

Who among you like reading Wattpad stories? I've been reading some stories of it but I'm not as insane as my friends to read teen romance stories. But since I've been shipping Zanessa a lot, I again started reading love stories and also some Twilight fan fictions. Earlier this morning, my best friend recommended me Teen Tips then I thought 'this better be good', then I had a simple glimpse then I tweeted her back again, 'It's perfect'. Teen Tips is not actually a story but a wattpad book that contains some tips for teens about fashion, beauty and something random. I thought it might be useful for you if you don't like the style that I'm posting here but of course I'll continue giving tips for you girls. Here are some of the Wattpad books that may help you on your girl or teen problems:

Teen Tips  by FIXINHAPPINESS. It's a teen book full of teen tips plus you can even ask for advice and she's willing to answer. This book is in English language but more of the Tagalog/Filipino language so I say, my fellow Filipino, read it now!

Teen Girl Tips by perks_of_harry. Book for teens who needs advice on dealing with problems, friends and of being yourself. Read it and you'll smile. There are lots of tips for you even for girl conversations, how to handle insecurities and some ideas for free time and summer.

Teenage Dream Magazine by TeenageDreamMagazine. It's actually a wattpad magazine for every teen girl that includes fashion, girl talk, music, gossip, polls, beauty and many more! I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it and you might even apply or submit an article for their next issue. Have a good time reading your wattpad magazine.
Issue 2 October 2013
Tips 4 Teens by dirtylaundry_. Lots of tips for teen girls. Love, being weird and living life are what you'll expect when you read this book. I hope you girls solved some of your problems as much as I do because of this cool wattpad book.

1000 Tips To Being a Girl by Ferarri. The title seems interesting, right? I thought so too. I loved reading this one since it contains random tips for girls and I guess it's true and very helpful. It helps me to stay being myself and enjoy me being a girl. When you read this, you'll remember how lovely it is to be a girl plus you'll find tips on how to take care of your beauty.

A Lesson on Writing by taylorink. If you want to share your own tips to your fellow girls through wattpad. You need to read this to write a nicely written article since it will be out for the public. You don't want to be ashamed, do you? Take a lesson on writing to be prepared for the world of words.

These are only some of the amazing books from wattpad. Check out my library for the other stories that I'm recently reading. Enjoy reading the books! Which one did you loved the most? Any story suggestions? Do you want me to post more wattpad stories suggestion? Comment it all down below.

Happy Reading!

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