August 16, 2013

Young Neon

It's time for another live ootd post by me! This time, I featured my younger sister. So, to be honest with you guys, these photos were shot a few weeks ago and I just uploaded it today. Anyways, here we go.

I've  been loving neon colors lately because of it's fun and youthful colors. Neons are also one of the fashion trendings by or trendsetters. You can easily mix and match the pieces with neon colors because it has a special effect for your outfit. It makes each piece modern, enjoyable and the person who wear neon glows and brightened which is perfect for my sister.

The orange striped top was bought at SM Kids Fashion . My sister loved SM Kids because of the glamorous fashion finds on sale including the top.

The light green denim shorts are also from SM Kids Fashion. Isn't it obvious that she's obsessed with SM Kids? Well, she did pull out the perfect outfit.

Her pair of shoes or flats are from a thrift shop (sorry, I forget the exact name of the shop). The flats matched her age and the way it balanced the neon colors. You don't want to have too much light colors, would you? So, the fuchsia floral flats made the whole outfit stable.

Try wearing pieces with neon colors to brighten up your day. Be free, preppy and dazzling. Remember that you still have to steady the bright colors with some darker colors. 

Actually gals, my sister pulled out the pieces. I' really proud of her because she has the guts and comfort in appreciating the art of fashion and her cool style plus she also modeled the clothes pretty well. She really did style this outfit and I just featured her "master piece" on this blog because I really loved it and I want you all to have another idea about Neon and this example is about the YOUNG NEON.

What can you say about this outfit? Would you like to see more features of someone else's ootds? Any suggestion? Let me know. 

Have a great weekend!

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