August 14, 2013


I know girls especially 1D fans are super excited for their upcoming movie This Is Us on August 31 in the Philippines! But before that , here's the official music of One Direction's Best Song Ever by Vevo.
When I first heard this song the past few weeks ago, it made me nod my head, sing along and dance with 1D because this video also features the famous dance steps of one direction. Since then, it became my jam! I can't deny it, I'm a Directioner too, well, part of my fangirling is for the One Direction and my favorite is Harry Styles. I love them all but Harry's my fave.

Back to the movie, if you want to know more about One Direction: This is Us, visit their official site. Also, follow the 1D boys on twitter:

Posting music videos and music finds will also be included on my blog. I'll be posting them with the category 'Music'. The category 'Videos' are for my youtube fashion, DIY and beauty channel finds. 
Do you want me to have my own youtube channel? Please let me know.

If you're a certified directioner, let's interact with each other. Let me know what you love about 1D and more!!!

Stay tuned for more videos! :)

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