August 11, 2013

Potterheads are Eternal

Any bookworms in the house? Any of you, my STF readers is a potterhead? Well to be honest with you guys, I am a potterhead and I am so obsessed with Harry Potter.
I am still reading the Harry Potter books because I just started reading novels last December 2012 and I saw my bookworm cousin reading and watching HP but I can't quite understand it so, I decided to read it. The first time I read the "The Boy Who Lived" chapter in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, I feel very excited and I feel like magic surrounds me. I continued reading the Harry Potter series and I've been an official "Potterhead"

Some of you may have received the news of the Newest Harry Potter Covers:

All these new illustrations was created by Kazu Kibuishi  published by Scholastic. JK Rowling, the author of this amazing book, I thank you for creating this unpredictable story.

I love Scholastic so much because their publishing service is very good and the stories that they publish are preferable for my age and their books widen my imagination more.
For all potterheads, check out this cool website that I'm enjoying right now and discover the magic in you and enjoy the cool and fun activities of being a wizard.

So, if you're a potterhead like me, comment below your favorite book, scenes or character and let's interact.
The photos are from Google.
Fully Booked and National Bookstore

Potterheads are still here!

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