October 24, 2013

10 Fashion Week Must Haves

#PHFW Must Haves

How was your week so far? 
Did you go to any show of the Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 ? Are you ready to jam with the glitz and glamour? Well, we all know that being prepared to PhFW is very important so I made a list of must haves for every girl.

1. Bag - I suggest you use cross body bags since it's easier to use while you're having fun.

2. Camera - of coarse you'll be needing the camera to capture your favorite outfits.

3. Tablet - I think it may come in handy in some situations. Also, bring your cellphone or smart phone for emergency calls.

4. Tissue - for a thirty-second cleaning of yourself (also, for emergency).

5. Hair Tie - to keep your hair well-organized and it will also be handy.

6. Lip butter - you may want to use it though , to feel comfortable and look gorgeous.

7. Hand Sanitizer - you need to stay clean all the time.

8. Jacket - in case you feel cold and needed something to comfort you.

9. Watch - you'll be needing to check out your time before, during and after the show.

10. Flat Shoes - in this kind of event, you need to wear flat shoes so that you can walk easily and it's more comfy if you wear no heels.

Have fun, girls! Remember to have a great night and keep safe!

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