October 27, 2013

Penshoppe Spring Summer 2014

It was the 3rd day of the Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 yesterday! I was so surprised when I was chosen to be the winner of Rhea Bue 's Penshoppe Giveaway! Actually, it's my first time to see a live fashion show. I'm so glad that I got to witness the launching of the latest collection of Penshoppe . I'm very happy to participate on the #PhFW for the very first time! This was the best night of my life so far! Seeing other people who love fashion as much as I do is a nice feeling. Well this night turned out pretty well and I'm looking forward to more events like this. Indeed, it was a night to remember. 

Describe the new collection of Penshoppe in one word ... Fantastic! The Spring Summer 2014 collection is full of colors and I know every girl or boy will love to wear it on the next seasons. I totally love the color, it's casual but it is so sophisticated. I love the fact that it's (at some point) my fashion style. The street style is amazing since (which I think) is comfortable to use and appropriate to wear. I'm looking forward to buy some of the clothes of this collection before my birthday.

 Click http://philippinefashionweeklive.com/home/penshoppe/ to see the new outfit ideas of Penshoppe!

Sorry guys if I took not to many photos! So just click the link above to see their latest outfits. 
P.S. I also had fun during the bazaar. All the stores sell tons of amazing clothes, accessories, jewelries, bags, shoes and more. Plus, they are all on sale! It was really great shopping there!
Thank you so much, gals! How was your weekend so far?

Top is from Penshoppe, Pants is from Paddocks, Denim Vest is from Next Jeans and the shoes is from Gibi Shoes.


  1. Hi!!! :) Omg haha buti ka pa. Wala akong picture kahit isa :p

    1. Hi! Lol. Hoping that next time we'll meet.


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