July 20, 2013

My Simple Street Style

My Simple Street Style
 It's weekend! The time that I hit the street with my style high up. 

Street Style is a fashion style that you see everyday while you are walking on the street and an astonishing look of someone you just walked or passed by ( she may be someone you know or a stranger)

Everybody has a unique street style. A street style doesn't have to be too fashionable. You have to get hold of the way you walk, your postures while in the street and your attitude in the community. In choosing your personal street style, you have to just be yourself and you don't want to regret being outside walking in the street with an inappropriate outfit. Just stay simple and put in mind the place where you're heading to.

One of my street style is this outfit post of the day. Its is somewhat simple but still glamorous. It's comfortable to wear. The Hawaiian Cropped Top is natural and stylish. It's trendy with the aqua blue color theme. Sometimes, I feel wearing a cardigan if I wear sleeveless or cropped tee because it is where I feel confident sharing my look of the day. If you ever like wearing cardigans, always keep in mind the type of outfit you're wearing and the perfect color you'll use in order to keep you main color undistracted. 
The Cream Chiffon Skirt is also fun to wear. This skirt is a side of girly. I always want to show my side of being girly but yet not too much girly. To keep balance, choose your favorite girly clothing or products and pull it all together. 

My top 3 Favorite Girly Side Clothing:
1. Dress
2. Skirt
3. Sleeveless Top

The using flats on your street style is more comfortable to use that those pumps, platforms or wedges (I'm not saying you quit wearing heels, still depends on your personal style). This flat shoes represents my tween side and I don't want to loose it. I'm still twee and I want to maintain it because I'll only be young once.  Flats and doll shoes also represent me because in my age, I always wear shoes that is appropriate with my style, people that surrounds me and to my fellow tweens. 

The mini pochette handbag is also chic and stylish. Using this aqua blue bag that matches the top is fun to use and letting the street see the outfit. This handbag also carries important things while walking down the street or shopping. It looks cute on teens and young ladies.

Don't be afraid in sharing the world your style. Be yourself and Stay unique. Try mixing up clothes that fits your personality, attitude and the way your confidence handle you. 

Share your street style with us and be featured on this blog "Street Style". I'm gonna be posting more street styles so stay tuned.

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