July 23, 2013

Forever Hip

Forever Hip

Any problem picking pieces for your 'outfit of the day'?
Well, this set is a simple casual look but some part of hipster. Get hip. It's punk and playful. Move around with this comfy outfit. Most of all, this set was inspired with the hashtag #DailyFinds meaning, the set of the day was built with just fun pretty pickings of pieces. The clothing, jewelry and shoes are samples of my favorite fashion piece or trend. 

About the outfit:
The mustache t-shirt with the slogan "NYC" or the tank tee is from Forever 21. The white tee is fun to wear because of its color and the main design. Plain white makes it simple and elegant to look at. The high-waisted denim shorts with white heart prints are from Thats Point. The shorts is terrific for the shirt because of the combination of their colors and the simplicity of the design. It's some kind of an 'edgy' look.

The shoes or the sneakers are from Skechers 's collection Daddy's Money. The pair of sneakers with star prints fantastically match the top and the shorts also because of the balance of the color and the simple prints of the items. While the gold jewelry or the gold mustache bangle is also from Forever 21. It's cute and is ideal. The gold color of this stunning bangle made the side of 'fashionable' while the mustache design made it 'trendy' or 'fun'. The adorable bracelet stabled it all.

I love it on how being a teen or a tween looked like when feeling lively and active. It represents my tween side of being spirited and edgy. Even though each outfit are printed with simple patterns but when you look at the whole outfit it looks stylish and classy. Fashion is not just how you put together all kinds of patterns, colors or accessories in one outfit. It is on how you style yourself through the clothes you wear and the attitude you're expressing the clothes. 

Well, that's it for the day! Hope you liked my daily fashion finds. 
Do you have any fashion pieces you just searched and end up making it a whole set? If you're willing to share it with me, tweet me or instagram me. I'll be happy to see or even feature your greatest finds.  

Share fashion finds in the community! Follow me at Polyvore and Fashiolista (@AnaGAzarcon) 
Include to your set or piece with the hashtag #FashionFinds or #DailyFinds. Be happy to express your sense of fashion. 

Enjoy :)

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