July 25, 2013

Love me, Love the look

Love me, Love the look

Another Day!
Means, another look of the day. Let's face it, you really don't want to go out of the house wearing clothes that make you overlook. As we grow older, we become more responsible about the outfits we want to wear for the world to see so we always think of the best outfit to wear for the day. Most of the teens and tweens, they dress according to their whereabouts or plans for the day. Keep in mind whether it will be formal or relax. Especially, never forget your personality or style. You don't want to step out the door wearing someone else. 

The set of the day is simple but still modish. I've been posting shorts and pants lately but now, we're going back to skirts. 

The Wildfox Couture white shirt was amazing! The simple galaxy printed on a heart made it eye catching mostly because of its unique design and the white background. The H&M short jersey skirt or simply the skater skirt was tasteful and classy. It's also rare because it's a jersey skirt that looked like a skater skirt. The aqua blue color made the outfit intense. I love the combination of the shirt and the skirt.

The Keds Capri Slip-On with an appealing bow on the toe. This Capri sneaker doesn't just makes your look complete but it makes you feel cozy. The color of the shoes is coupled with the color of the skirt so it does blend. While the circular glasses made an additional attraction to the look. This one-of-a-kind sunnies is also one of the top trends this season. Keep your heads high with this cool accessory that makes you fashionable.

The most important thing that you should never forget wearing is a SMILE. The appearance will never be absolute without your keen attitude and a beautiful smile. Start your day being grateful of everything that you had and will have. Stay simple and stay gorgeous. Keep poised and think positive. 

What can you say about this outfit? Share it to me now, you may also share your experiences and thoughts to me. I'm always willing to interact with you girls. 

Have a wonderful day!

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