July 27, 2013

Rompers Up

Fun with Jumpsuits

Hi girls! It's weekend! How was your weekend so far?
Well, I am in a mood creating a set of fun and classy and jumpsuits came to my mind. I miss wearing and styling rompers so much. I believe that jumpsuits are always in fashion. Jumpsuits and rompers are cool and it deals with almost any color. 

The pink-striped romper which is from Forever 21 is very stylish and classy. It's simple but elegant. The Jane Norman denim waistcoat is an outerwear that matches the romper. The waistcoat is also fashionable and is optional. It still depends on you if you feel like wearing the denim waistcoat.

The white-dotted pair of sneakers are from Keds. The sneakers made the outfit hip and groovy. The simple polka-dotted print of the shoes made it and the romper stable. You may also use accessories like the Vera Bradley braided charm bracelet which is covered by orange and an enchanting pink amulet. Painting your nails makes you look more glamorous. I like the glitz of pink and blue nail polish for this outfit.

This look is stylish and comfortable to wear. I feel wearing this if it's a typical but at a fun day. This set or the rompers makes you look and feel young so this outfit is not only for teens but especially for tweens! It's good for a happy weekend doing your fun activities!

Now, do you have plans for your weekend? Even though Saturday pass so fast, there's still a Sunday! Don't waste your time and just enjoy :)

Here are some of fun activities you can do while enjoying weekend:

* Go biking at the park. Be free to have a mini trip.

* Go shopping at the mall. If you're really dying to shop again.

* Go strolling in the park with your girl friends and BFF. It's not bad to just have a milk tea chit chat about cool topics.

* Go to the movies. Have you watched Despicable Me 2? There are so many awesome movies that are premiering this month and more on the month of August.

* Read books. I'm a bookworm and nothing can change that. I love reading books and novels, that's how I spend my free time.

* Sing out loud. Practice your voice in singing or playing instruments. Music is in me since forever.

* Stay at home and bond with your family. Watch shows together with your family and order pizza. Do whatever you want to do with your family.

Have a happy weekend, gals :)

By the way girls, did you like the new 'makeover' of my blog?
Contact me or email me and let's interact!

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