July 19, 2013

Live your Life Traveling with Neon

Live your Life Traveling with Neon

Happy Friday girls! Any plans for this weekend? Well, if your planning to go simple but yet fashionable and free, I recommend you to use NEON COLORS. Isn't it obvious that I love, love, love neon? For me, bright colors such as the number 1 trending color for this color which is neon shows every girl's fun and young.

This look is another bright outfit. It consists of simple tee, trending shorts, sneakers and a fab bag.

The "Forever Summer" old navy fitted t-shirt is a cool tee for girls who want to enjoy being a trend follower or a trend setter. It's some kind of a classy tee but a with a blend of trendy colors and slogan. The shirt matches with the summer trending shorts, Ombre Shorts or in this example, the watermelon shorts. The design is unique and eye catching especially for teens and tweens who enjoy alive colors. I really love the style of these ombre shorts because it gives multiple colors with just one short. Some ombre shorts are mixed with the colors of Pink and Yellow, Blue and Violet or Orange and Pink etc. Plus, I think the ombre shorts have been trending for just a while which means it is a Fresh Fashion. 

The shirt and the shorts looks perfectly good with a matching pair of sneakers. These star sudded sneaks are also from Skechers. The color of the sneakers fits very well with the outfit. When choosing shoes, I always look at the color of the top and bottom of the outfit or the color of the dress, I choose whether the color balances together. Then, I decide wether it will be pumps, platforms, flats or sneakers by putting in mind the occasion of the day and the mood of the day. Just trust your instincts in choosing the right pair of shoes. 
The Floral Rucksack is more preferable if you're having a trip to an adventurous place. It holds your important things to bring in traveling like cellphone, wallet, notebook, tissue or napkin, hairbrush, face towel, powder or anything important things that are required for you to bring. You don't have to sling your bag too much or hold it every time (which may distract you and you may not enjoy the adventures) so you don't have to worry too much because its a kind of BACKPACK. Isn't it amazing? 

Take a pick of your favorite piece and enjoy traveling now with neon. Have fun and keep safe.

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