July 15, 2013

Bright up Your Day!

Stay Simple, Stay Pretty

Hi gals! Created this look because I feel like being brightening the day. Whatever season it is now, from each side of the world, you always have to start your day with bright colors because it expresses HAPPINESS. Whatever day it is, if it's a typical day or a very special yet simple day, feel free to smile and share it with your friends and family. You don't want to regret tomorrow for not smiling today.

About the theme color. I decided to use the main color, Aqua Blue. I think Aqua Blue is such a fun shade of blue. Aqua Blue is included to the famous color trends NEON COLORS, which made it POP!!! This color is the center of attraction because of it BRIGHTNESS. I love this color! It expresses my mood of FUN! What do you think of this cool shade of blue?

About the look. If you're having a typical but happy day (I know, I'm weird right?), this outfit expresses your day. The Cropped Tee (which also I believe a Muscle Tee) is also included to the 2013 Fashion Trends. The cropped tee is fun to wear because you feel free wearing it all day but of coarse, you will only feel "totally free" if you're confident wearing it. Some tweens or teens aren't really comfortable wearing cropped tee or muscle tee but I prefer to use t-shirts or any tee you're more capable of wearing it. It's not a big deal to remove cropped tee in your look if you don't like it. Remember, "Fashion is where you Look Good and Feel Good".

The printed white shorts. The shorts, I believe are cute. It first caught my eye when I saw prints and neon colors (I love PRINTS and NEONS, isn't it obvious?). I wear shorts frequently because I enjoy being young. Shorts usually represents teens and tween girls with a happy lifestyle and a confident fashionista. I always wear shorts when the mood stroke me was FUN or HAPPY or WILD! Shorts is one of my favorite bottom clothing.

Shoes and Accessories. The cute sneakers from Skecher's collection Daddy's Money is sooo incredible! I first discovered this shoe when I was shopping and the cool sneakers caught my attention. I saw the whole collection and all of designs were great! It has a secret heels under the sneaks which made it more of a dream came true!  It's perfect to all tweens and teen girls. (I'll post more of their collection, soon) This sneakers are perfectly matched with the cropped tee and the shorts because of its color and length. Sneakers are good for bondings, strolling in the park or just wanna feel and be young and play with your friends. The bracelet comes with neon colors and looks more like a friendship bracelet that was made to be an arm candy. I love its combination to the whole outfit.

If you girls really want to make this more unusual that typical, jam up with the coolest hits of Carly Rae Jepsen like "THIS KISS". Everyone will surely enjoy this song and music video.

This outfit is my style and it defines the true me.

What can you say about this outfit? Send me comments and I'll always respond as soon as I read your post.
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