July 12, 2013

Fashion Seekers

How are you, my STF readers? Sorry if I haven't posted lately but I found a way to keep our relationship close. I decided to put a Fashion Club and everyone, who are interested may join. I call our mini club FASHION SEEKERS. I'll post new fashion finds, trends, outfits or pieces with the code: Fashion Seekers every week and we can all discuss about each set or cloth. Give your reactions, opinions or suggestions on the comment box. Look for the label Fashion Seekers to be updated.

For week 1:

I chose a set of trends from my polyvore account.

Demonstrate Your Denim Jacket Style

About this outfit:

Isn't it obvious that I love denim jackets and denim vests?
I love denim because it's classy and comfortable to use. Denim jacket makes your outfit complete. It's my favorite outerwear. If I feel that something's missing in my OOTD (outfit of the day), I always pick up my denim vest for Next Jeans.

Denim jackets or denim vests may be paired up with fantastic dresses or skirts. With matching pumps and studded bracelet, it is an amazing outfit whether you are going with your barkadas or just hanging around in the park or at the mall. (see post links)

When I first thought about this set when I am creating it, I thought it was a girly yet moody outfit. The part of the outfit that described the style "Girly" was the dress and the platforms. Heels, pumps, platforms or wedges are mostly worn by young ladies and teens because it shows the girly and fierce side. Dresses are also sassy especially when it comes with the colors of Pink and White. Pink always represents Girly. Pink is so much fun! I feel free to be a girl! While on the other hand, the denim jacket, gives a fierce, punk or boyish style. Even though it is "boyish" , it still fits the dresses and makes the whole outfit more fabulous. The denim jacket balances up the set and gives up fierce in the outfit. It's good to have denim vests and jackets, right?

Style reaction: Cute and Sassy
Ratings: Excellent, 4 out of 5 stars

Girls, it's your time to let your opinions be heard. Comment your reactions now and rate it. I'll respond to you as soon as I read your comment. Join the Club!

Enjoy !!!

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