July 1, 2013

Fierce Black plus Sassy Pink

Black and Pink

Fierce Black and Sassy Pink always remind me of BARBIE!
We all know that Black mostly represents the style of "Fierce" or "Punk" because of how strong and dark the color is. While on the other hand, Pink mostly represents the style "Sassy" because of the color's girly and elegant power. The strength of BLACK and the power of PINK, when combined, the result is (based on my fashion sense) what you call the style "CHIC". It's never out of style.
Black and pink may be a perfect combination in almost any outfit but there's also an important color that balances their unpredictable color. WHITE usually helps black and pink to balance their colors for the whole outfit. Remember, White and Black are great combinations and also the White and Pink is a famous color style. As we can say on the collage, it's perfectly balanced for the style chic.


Now about the outfit:
BLACK- the leather vest, bangles, sunnies and the platforms. My styling for Fierce are "Shoes, Accessories and Outerwear (especially if it's leather)" because those are the elements of an outfit that is more recognized. I mean, you don't usually add extreme colors inside (skirt, tops etc.) , I put it on the outside (jackets, vest etc.)  

Tip to my readers: If you like using fierce colors, show the colors on the clothing you feel more fierce in showing.

PINK- skater skirt, nail polish and bangles. I usually use pink for my ootd if I feel girly and fun. Style pink wherever , whenever you feel wearing it. Based on my experience, pink coordinates with almost any colors. I'm a pink girl.

WHITE- bag and top. If the colors are too dark for the whole outfit, try mixing up with light colors and the perfect plain light color is (obviously) White. Balance of colors are important in fashion.

Feel free, fresh, bitter sweet and chic with this outfit. Don't be afraid to show your fashion style with these colors. Try mixing it up with other colors and discover your inner fashion.

Style your day with Pink, Black and White!

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