June 30, 2013

Bags on the Go

Bags on the Go

Bags, Bags, Bags.
Almost every girls best friend. Bags are the most important accessory of a girl mostly because it carries important girl stuffs that ladies never have to forget while on a trip or just hanging around. Bags then are just some of the holder of important things but now, bags are very stylish and ladies often match their stylish and handy bags with their ootd (outfit of the day)

The handbags shown in this picture are special handbags. 
One of the most trending bags in this generation are the SATCHEL BAGS.
Satchel bags are handy, very stylish and unique. Satchel bags have enough space that your phone, wallet, girly kit and other important things that you have to bring for the hang outs today may occupy. Besides being handy, it is also sassy and trendy. It comes with different colors and prints too. 

*Handbags are not too far away from satchel bags. 

Some tween and teen girls prefer to use satchel bags and handbags for shopping, hanging out with friends, bonding with the family. 

Here in the Philippines, there are also online shops that sell special handbags like the Maxene's Closet  and the MuMi Bags .

Maxene's Closet Facebook
MuMi Bags Facebook
Enjoy shopping, girls!

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