June 29, 2013

Remember Denim

Remember Denim

Denim and jeans are one of the most wearable fashion clothing in the industry since the early 90's.
As of this generation, denim is still one of the most popular and wearable clothing of most fashionistas.

Denim clothes and jeans are classy but trendy. wearing these clothes make you feel comfortable plus your outfit of the day wouldn't be complete without it. If you feel wearing tomboyish, use jeans. If you don't feel wearing too much girly things, wear denim. There are so much to choose from.

Denim jackets, denim vests, jeans and shorts may be worn as a fashion outfit or a fashion (clothin) accessory. Use the jeans or shorts as a part of your outfit if your day would be classy and comfy. Wear denim vests and jackets as you clothing accessory if you don't want to look too much girly. 

*You can also wear these vests or jackets as you outerwear of dresses or skirts w/ tops.

Jeans, vests, shorts and jackets are perfect for any age.
Kids mostly use jeans (other than dresses).
Tweens wear these jackets or vests with their outfit.
Teens mix and match with these cool denim styles.

I am obsessed with denim vests, shorts and jeans. I really love it mostly because I can mix and match it with my other clothes and shoes. Honestly, denim is one of my favorite fashion wear.

What's your favorite denim style?

Next Jeans is my favorite Denim clothes and Jeans shop. I first discovered it when I decided to try out the fashion trend of "Denim Vest". I looked for the perfect vest in the SM Department Store (Girls Teens Wear) and saw the vest on one of the racks. I found out that it was one of the clothes of Next Jeans Philippines and when I look around, I still found more cute denim outfits. I thanked Next Jeans for making my dream come true (to finally have a denim vest).

Photo: My instagram 

Last few words:
Next Jeans Philippines is my Favorite Store!

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