June 27, 2013

Skater Fun

Skater Fun

Skater Skirts are one of the top trends this season. Skater skirts are actually very simple but flawless. Skater skirts are fun to wear. You can mix and match your outfit with the skirts because it suits almost in every outfit. Skater skirts are classy, fun, sassy and chic.

In this outfit, I tried mixing up new trends. Denim vests and neon colors perfectly match with the skater skirt. Pumps are also good for young ladies and teens but for tweens, I prefer to use flat shoes like sandals and doll shoes etc. Add some accessories to complete your outfit. It would be too much if I still put the necklace with the vest so I decided to use braclets or bangles (earings are also good). 

Just have fun with SKATER SKIRTS!

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