October 30, 2013

Gorgeous Street Style of Nina Dobev

Gorgeous Street Style of Nina Dobev

Let's talk. Who among you girls love Nina Dobrev's style and personality? Nina played a very nice role of Elena Gilbert at The Vampire Diaries which I love. Do you gals watch TVD? What can you say about the TVD 5? Thrilling right?! Anyways, Nina Dobrev is one of the most loved fashion icon and actress. It's cool to see Nina in just casual clothes but still very stylish and trendy which is why I decided to make my very first street style set featuring Nina Dobrev.

I'm so excited to have my own Street Style set and most of all it's Nina walking on the street! Okay, here's some SIMILAR pieces that Nina's wearing. I'm not sure that these are the exact pieces but I think this set might be cool for an ootd. 

Hope you enjoyed my first street style plus celebrity style!

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