October 29, 2013

Swag with the Weather

Swag with the Weather

Some of you guys have been experiencing Fall Season, right? But as for me, no. I live in the Philippines which has no autumn but I am (okay, we Filipinos) are experiencing cold weather already since Decemeber is getting nearer. I can't explain the coldness and some tragic typhoons and even EARTHQUAKES! Anyways, this week, I decided to give some Fashion Tip everyday this week along with the outfit from Polyvore. At the end of the week, tell me your favorite tip. Ready?!

Now, about the outfit. It's a balance of sense and style, I believe. The sweater is useful because of the weather, also the boots and the beanie. I think this outfit is kind of vintage but every girl can pull it off. Maroon, Black, Brown and White are cool though. I will never get tired of creating sets like this (to be honest). What can you say about this one?

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