September 25, 2013

Rainy Day Essentials

Rainy Day Essentials

I've been giving you guys outfit ideas for rain days so today, I'll be sharing you all some rainy day must-haves and essentials because you have to be prepared anytime anywhere especially if the weather gets worse.

First of all, of coarse you need to have your own umbrella since you don't want to be wet when you're outside. Then, you'll be needing coats or jackets to keep you warm through your whole day activities during a cold weather. You may also use scarves if you still want to feel cozy plus it's never out of style. Boots are the best foot wear when you're out on a rainy day because it keeps your feet dry all the time outside while walking on a wet street but if you're staying at home, some comfy slippers are perfect to snuggle. Also, you may use hats or beanies to keep your head warm and it enhance your outfit for the day.

Always remember to prepare these essentials because you'll be needing these all if you want to feel warm on a chilly day. Keep in mind to stay safe and feel comfortable not only on rainy days but in all weather.

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