September 24, 2013

Raining with Stripes

Raining with Stripes

Yehey! Another rainy day outfit! Honestly guys, I'm enjoying my whole week feature for rainy days. I never thought that it's this much fun in creating sets for the cold weather. Anyways, have you any plans on going out today even if it's rainy outside? Some really needs to go out of the house for work or for school, but can you handle being stylish and comfortable at the same time?

Pants or leggings kindda make sense during these cold days since you need to cover your legs. The theme of today's leggings will be stripes! I think it's pretty awesome to wear black and white stripes oh and look, I even saw a matching black and white striped umbrella! Cool! The wild tiger printed on this white shirt is also awesome for this weather. It's simple yet really cool. To stay cozy, why not add a scarf? This pretty pink infinite scarf makes a pop out color for a sassy fierce outfit. Well, it's really amazing for this set. The combat boots also stabled this whole outfit. It's relaxing plus it's trendy around the world. 

That's it for today's feature for Rainy Days! Do you have an amazing ootd for rainy days? Don't hesitate to share it with me via Twitter or Instagram! Have a fun day and always Keep Safe!!!

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