September 8, 2013

Bloom in Pink

Bloom in Pink

I'm such a girly gal and I super love Pink in clothes. I'm preppy and to be honest with you gals, I can't go out of the house without anything sassy wearing. I just love being a girl (no offense but, that's me!). Now, about this set. I decided to go for tweens, today. Well, actually, my purpose is for tweens but teens or maybe tween-at-hearts may also wear this kind of outfit and I bet you'll love it. Soft or light pink, whatever you call it, is (for me) the most girly or preppy color of all. I think it defines princesses the most. Flowers and floral patterns also expresses cute adorable sassy fashion. Laces makes the whole outfit stable. In this outfit, my favorite piece would be The Flower Crown! It definitely makes the model or the outfitter (you may call it, "The Girl") feel and look like a fairy princess! How wonderful!

Be young and fantastic!

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