August 31, 2013

Weekend with the BFFs

August is almost over and today is the last weekend of it! Me and my besties decided to hang out after our Saturday class (5 more to go!) for Math to celebrate the end of August and at the same time, to celebrate Weekend! We just wanted to chill and relax! Just trying to eat our snack and chill. 

At 7Eleven! It seems like we didn't experience headaches in Math, isn't it? 

3 Grape Flavor of Mogu Mogu plus Clover chips is enough for our snacks! We're triplets and Mogu Mogu is our favorite! A big Clover Chips, cheese flavor is a good food trip for us! 

To be honest, I think I'm the one who loves it the most. I'm addicted! 

 She's multi tasking. Eating and organizing her selfies!
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Serious? Well, it's a stolen shot!

This one's a stolen shot as well. Your making me giggle!!!

An early "Hello September!" September is just around the corner and we're excited for this coming month. I'll be posting a new post for September and August so stay tuned!

Finally, our autographs! Had fun doodling with my magenta Sharpie!

We had a blast this weekend! Next time, we'll have a shopping trip! Hope we have another snack excitement next Saturday! Oh, and thanks Kiara for some pics! If you have any bestie moments, comment below your thoughts and I'll be happy to read your weekend fun with BFFs. Just remember to have fun and being with your friends is the best kind of happiness! 

Angelic Queen, Gorgeous Goddess and Fabulous Princess!

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