August 31, 2013

One Direction's Fabulous Fan

One Direction's Fabulous Fan

This Is Us is finally showing this day in cinemas all over the Philippines! I've been waiting for this in a lifetime! I'm so proud of 1D because they have their own movie and of coarse I'm so happy for the Directioners. Now, we'll get to experience watching 1D in the big screen. I am so excited for this!!!

Obviously, this set is about One Direction and how to look good or how to dress for the movies. Sometimes, I still feel being fabulous even if I'm just gonna stroll or watch a film. If you're watching movies in cinemas, you have to keep in mind the pieces that will make you feel comfortable because you don't want to miss all the fun and excitement, do you? It's very cold in the theaters. Sometimes, I even slouch or goof on my sit so I should be picky on the clothes I have to wear. 
*See the links of the outfits below.

Be a sassy fan! Support them while you be fabulous, like this set. 

Will you be watching?


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