September 15, 2013

Kendall and Kylie: Sweet Chic

Kendall and Kylie's Sweet Chic Style

I've been a fan of them since a couple of years but still, I'm so obsessed with them and with their style in fashion. They're both beautiful and stylish. These girls inspired me so much that I just wanted to be like them They've accomplished a lot of things especially in modeling at such a very young age. I bet they'll be as successful as their older sisters. Because of my great fandom for them, I've created this polyvore set (meaning I got the photos from polyvore) and I've decided to make future posts about them before October comes.

Now, about the outfits. I wanted to express their style in these photos with some match with my style. I made it more simple yet still acceptable. I'm still in love with their fashion and the way they model so I don't want to exactly change their sense in fashion art. In this set, I must say, Kylie is sweet while Kendall is chic with a bit of fierce. Well, in all, they're perfect sisters!

Are you excited to see more of them?

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