September 6, 2013

Be a Fresher You with Pure 'n Fresh


Check out this new video of Pure 'n Fresh featuring Julia Barretto. I've been a fan of Julia Barretto a year before she was launched in the Star Magic Circle 2013. She's so pretty and humble. She's young, fresh and perfect for PNF. Actually, I first discovered Pure 'N Fresh cologne by Julia. Let's face it. If you're a fan, you'll be checking out her tweets and her endorsements. Then, I tried it out. I first tried out the Tropical Splash which is, to be honest with you, perfectly sweet and charming. I'll be trying out some of the scents soon and maybe, I'll make m first product review! Okay, anyways, another video of beauty tips that will make you feel pure 'n fresh ! If you wanna check out their previous inspiring videos, check them out. (Give this video a thumbs up!).

Wanna be a fresher you?

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