June 24, 2013

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Feel like wearing pink and feel like a Fairy Princess? 
Wear this cute pinky outfit and have a bun tied up with flowery crown. 

*To handle "PINK" in Fashion, you have to balance its shades. Because the top dress is in hot pink, choose light pink for your shoes, bags or accessories. In my opinion, dark shades are perfect colors for the dress, top, pants etc. It is the center of attraction because its color is the most powerful one. For shoes, choose lighter colors to keep the balance of the colors. If you feel like wearing accessories and using handbags, you can choose any color according to your 'Mood Of The Day' but I prefer light colors.

This outfit is more preferable for teens because of the pumps. But it's also cool for tweens but just use flats or only an inch of heels. Tween girls, you don't have to wear high heels already, just wear your age.

The pink polka-dotted bag is so cute for tweens and teens. I am inlove with satchel bags. Satchel Bags are comfortable to use because it easy to carry, all your girly stuffs fit in here and its light enough to use while you're shopping or going out.

Have a PINK DAY!

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