October 4, 2013

#Selfie of Every Girl


I know all stylish girls are addicted to selfies, right? I'm so obsessed in taking selfies and I always end up posting them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Because I'm such a Selfie Lover, I want to keep spreading that love. Here are some tips by Michelle Phan. After watching this video, check out her other videos and give them a thumbs up and vote for her amazing videos.

Now, you have some simple yet important tips on how to take a perfect selfie. I have an announcement! In this month of October, I'll choose 2-4 lucky girls (either Twitter or Instagram) to be featured on this blog by having a sidebar banner of their prettiest and most-liked selfie. I will be putting up banners every week starting this Sunday! All you have to do to join this mini contest is to put #Selfie on your caption. It's okay if you don't want to tag me but you'll get a higher chance to be noticed if you mention me. Don't worry, I'll inform you if I've chosen your photo. Remember, it's for Twitter and Instagram users plus everybody can join! Cool, right?! If you have any questions, comment them below.

P.S. See more of my Selfies and follow me on Instagram (@AnaGAzarcon)

Good Luck, Pretty Girls!

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