September 11, 2013

Girl Must Haves

Everyday Helpers

Today, I wanna show you all what tween girls as much as teen girls should need or keep for everyday needs. Every girl should be responsible to take care of their body especially to tweens, who are experiencing puberty or any physical changes in the body. Teens, as much as tweens, should take good care of themselves because they become more conscious about their body and self. 

Stuffs shown above are only examples. You don't have to have exact similar with these as long as you're complete. Here's the list of basic needs:

1. Shampoo - of coarse you need to get your air cleaned.

2. Soap - you need to wash your body, of coarse.

3. Brush / Comb - use brushes for dry hair and hair combs for wet hair. But this Goody Paddle Brush is a brush preferred for also wet hair. Cool, right?!

4. Toothbrush and Toothpaste - for fresh breath and cleaner teeth.

5. Lotions - need them for more moisturizing skin.

6. Perfume / Cologne - to feel more confident and be fresher.

7. Deodorant - you don't want to be smelly everywhere you go!

8. Hand Sanitizing Gels and Wet Cleansing Wipes - they come in handy anytime and anywhere.

9. Hair ties / Elastics - This special Goody Double Wear  because it can be used as ponytail elastic or bracelet! Or, you may check out Goody Ouchless Girls Bright Elastics that has no metal! Visit Goody PH Facebook to see what's happening and join they're Come Play 2013 on Saturday!!!!

That's it! With even these simple essentials for the morning or any time of the day ( well, I can still say morning. Lol), they can be a big help to you and people that surrounds you. Comment below if you have these essentials! Do you gals want a morning routine?!

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