August 26, 2013

Leather Me Up

A week with Leather

I'm back creating Polyvoore Sets! I'm a little dissapointed because I can't access my first account so I have to make another one. Please follow me on Polyvore and I'll also follow you back.

Anyways, I decided to make not just an outfit but a ideas of your outfit of the week. My theme this week is, obviously, Leather. I've been doing a lot of thinking. Leather Pants, Leather Skirts, Leather Shorts and even Leather Rompers was a quite good idea of being stylish and comfy. I made it all black because I think you can easily mix and match clothes with these leather outfits.

The leather shorts with the awesome cropped tee is sexy and I know teens will like it. The gray flats matched the clothes and it's a new type of shoes for me.

The leather romper was sophisticated. I can't quite figure out what to match with it but this tank top worked out. Always mind that it is a romper and it should not really contain too much designs. Now, the retro sneakers are cool. I think it's comfy and it suited the outfit.

The leather skirt or the skater skirt is adorable. I like it when pink (cropped top) and black collides. I love this one especially with the black boots. Boots are my new style and you'll see a lot of them on my future sets.

The leather leggings is also a must. It's casual but it's never out of style. The white tank top with the ribbon designed on it is simple but cute. It matched the leggings well. Add the nude shoes and everything was balanced.

That's my leather ideas for you gals. Comment down below your favorite outfit and share your own Leather Ideas! I'll be happy to see your style!

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